To regain government for the people, by regaining government of the people and by the people


We will carefully identify and support CyFair's most committed and capable patriots and inspire them to become public servants of we the people. 

We will educate and prepare them for the campaign fight and for the duties and responsibilities of their public office.  

We will honor Christ in all we do.


  • All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
  • Governments are instituted among Men to secure these rights.
  • Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. 
  • Freedom is not free, the price of liberty must be paid by we the people through our contribution of time, talents and treasure.

We value strong families, less government, fewer taxes and reduced regulations as the foundation for vibrant communities and a robust economy.

We call for the build up of a strong national defense against China and the invasion by illegal immigration. 

We call for public schools to end all teaching of immoral and anti-American values and to focus all their resources on helping our youth achieve world-class academic and vocational skills. 

Focused on Strategic CyFair

CyFair is home to the 3rd largest school district in Texas and one of the last bastions of strong Conservative support in the largest county in Texas that has been losing the fight in crucial Harris County. 

As CyFair goes, so goes Harris County.  As Harris County goes, so goes Texas.  As Texas goes, so goes our Republic.  We align with campaigns where we can best leverage our financial resources and expertise to help strong candidates in need.


With Business and Grassroots Experience

Our team has decades of private sector expertise in renowned technology-centric companies where they excelled at getting results in highly competitive environments.

We have also been actively involved in the highly successful nationwide Precinct Strategy as Republican Precinct Chairs.

We have been key members of multiple successful campaigns, and are leading contributors to the election integrity fight in Harris County. 

We pledge to use private sector best practices to execute cost-effective, data-driven political action programs that deliver better results than traditional organizations that cannot effectively compete against the enemies of our Republic. 

Building on Success

In 2021 we organized a grassroot coalition with many other concerned citizens that helped successfully elect 3 conservatives to the CyFair ISD (CFISD) Board of Trustees. 

Our efforts unseated longtime incumbents and foiled radical leftist plans to create an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the installation of Critical Race Theory in CFISD.